Leaves clenching closely in the tree branch
Breathing happily like there's no second chance
Hanging in innocence
Silently holding stronger than we notice
For the leaves gladly dances as the wind approaches

The leaves never tired of clapping
Like praising the one who made him
When storm comes and slap its face
It only bow down and pray for God's amazing grace
For the leaves know that trials come in many ways

As the tree continues to grow
The leaves will surely know
The sooner the leave will go
For thats what the leaves destiny and so
Returning from the ground is where the leaves go

Accepting the leaves fate is inevitable
Willing to let go because the leaves know
That as the tree grows
A new leave will surely show
Taking its inheritance and continue to grow

Makati | 2014

Photo Taken: Davao City, Abreeza Mall


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